Hi ? I am Ashar Irfan. I am a WordPress Developer and Core Contributor Ashar Irfanand I love to develop WordPress products. Recently, I have started WordPress Core Contribution and I am planning to do this more regularly in the spirit of giving back what I earn with the help of WordPress.

In 2016, I completed my Bachelors in Computer Science from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. Currently, I am working as a Lead Developer at WP White Security.

? How it all started

At the end of my first year as an undergrad, someone asked me to develop a website for a bookstore. So I spent that summer trying to learn technologies like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and a couple of front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation.

After the summer was over, I was determined to grow my knowledge in web development. To achieve this goal, I started looking for freelance projects. I have always found the practical approach to be very helpful for myself.

During those days of struggle, I volunteered to be the part of Organizing Team for a series of WordPress workshops. As a result, I met Ahmad Awais. Later on, I joined his company as a WordPress intern. And my journey of WordPress began.

⚡️ Experience

✓ Jobs

→ In September 2015, I started working as a WordPress Developer at Worwox Group of Agencies (WPTie) with my mentor and my friend Ahmad Awais. Together, we worked on client projects and developed products for WordPress.

→ I left WPTie in June 2016 and joined Inspiry Themes where I worked as a WordPress Developer. Here I was

  • On the development team of their product Real Homes and several other products as well.
  • The lead developer on several client projects.
  • On the support crew. I attend support tickets on the support forum.

? I left Inspiry Themes in October 2017.

→ I joined WP White Security in November 2017 as the lead developer for their product WP Security Audit Log. Here I am responsible for,

  • Updating and maintaining the code of our main WordPress plugin – WSAL.
  • Updating and maintaining the code of all the add-ons of WSAL.
  • Answering the technical support queries.

✉️ Get in Touch

If you have made it this far, then I would love to hear from you. ? Let’s say Hi to each other. You can also contact me through my contact page. I also am available on these platforms: Twitter | GitHub | LinkedIn | Facebook | WordPress