Beginning of the Journey of Blogging

Today is March 5th, 2017 and this post marks the start of my personal blogging website as a WordPress Developer. I am going to use this place to empty the cache of my mind. I will be mostly talking about everything related to my professional career as a developer.

A Quick Introduction

Here’s a quick introduction about myself.

  • I am currently working as a WordPress Developer at Inspiry Themes.
  • I like to solve problems and try to integrate them with WordPress at the same time.
  • I┬álove the community of WordPress. They are so supporting and encouraging.
  • I am totally into movies and tv shows.
  • I enjoy doing photography of natural views. I will be posting pictures soon.
  • Last but not the least, I love to be in the┬ácompany of good friends.

I would love to get to know you either as a developer or as a friend. You can reach out to me via Twitter by tweeting to me at @MrAsharIrfan. Or leave a comment on this post below. Or you can use my contact page.

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