Ashar Irfan

Full Stack Web Developer | Computer Scientist

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🤝 I am joining 10up as a Web Engineer

I am joining 10upa VIP WordPress agency — as a Web Engineer and I could not be more excited about it.

🤔 Why the switch?

I had been working as the Principal Developer for WP White Security for the past two years. Here, my job was to develop, maintain, and resolve issues of their three primary freemium plugins.

While it was fun developing security products for WordPress, I started looking for a position where I will have more opportunities for professional growth and better career prospects.

💡 Life-saving Advice

When I decided to look for another job, my mentor — Ahmad Awais — once again helped me out every step of the way. He has done the same in the past and I am very grateful to him for helping me steer the path of my career.

He specifically encouraged me to apply to top WordPress companies like Automattic, 10up, Human Made, etc. And I think his advice might be the very reason that I thought of applying to 10up in the first place.

TLDR; I ended up applying at several awesome WordPress companies with amazing portfolio of products and clients. Among those companies, 10up was at the top preference wise. I had heard so many great things about this company from Ahmad.

⚡️ About 10up

10up is a remote WordPress company that specializes in enterprise-level projects. It is also an agency partner of WordPress VIP — an enterprise WordPress hosting company of Automattic. It has more than 120 experts working around the globe to develop scalable WordPress websites.

10up also plays a huge role in the open-source community of WordPress. The employees can take time out to contribute to WordPress. A total of forty-one employees have contributed to the core of WordPress.

👉 Fun fact: I am going to be the forty-second employee of 10up, who is also a WordPress core contributor.

🎨 Benefits of joining 10up

I will have plenty of space to grow in this company both personally and professionally as I will be working alongside some of the best professionals in the WordPress industry. The company also provides its employees with a professional development stipend.

The employees can use this stipend on any kind of professional development activity like contributing to WordPress, learning courses, or any other professional skill that we are interested in.

One of the biggest advantages of 10up is that the job is one hundred percent remote because that is kind of my biggest need of the hour. My flexible work schedule allows me to stay ahead of some of the crucial aspects of my personal life.

✅ Wrapping UP

That’s it for now. I will be returning with more fun stuff about Node JS that I have been working on for a few weeks. Until next time 👋